Published work

Here you can find links to published articles and essays.

Lee, Elizabeth M. 2017. “Where People Like Me Don’t Belong: Faculty Members from Low- Socioeconomic Status Backgrounds.” Sociology of Education 90(3): 197-212.

Lee, Elizabeth M. 2016. “Elite Colleges and the Language of Class.” Chronicle of Higher Education.

Lee, Elizabeth M. 2013. “Elite Colleges and Socioeconomic Status.” Sociology Compass 7(9): 786–798.

Lee, Elizabeth M. and Rory Kramer. 2013. “Out with the Old, In with the New? Habitus  and Social Mobility at Selective Colleges.” Sociology of Education 86(1): 18-35.

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Lee, Elizabeth M. and Grace Kao. 2009. “Less Bang for the Buck? Immigration and Cultural Capital Effects on Kindergarten Academic Outcomes.” Poetics 37(3): 201-226